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OD Experts Panel: AI and DEI in OD

Published on
November 13, 2023

Event Date: November 29, 2023

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Featured on our panel are Alan Landers, MHRD, and Kimberly Morse, PHD, SHRM-CP.

Alan Landers, who will discuss AI and organization development, is the President and CEO of the Landers Consulting Group (LCG), a global OD consultancy with consultants across the United States and partners in five countries. He has been an OD practitioner for over 45 years. LCG’s history begins in 1989 and has evolved from a one-person shop to the firm it is today, twice earning recognition by Manage HR magazine as one of the country’s Top Ten Change Management firms. Before founding LCG, Alan was VP of Training and SVP of Organization Effectiveness. Alan is a past president of ATD San Diego and founder of the Online OD Chat group.

Kimberly Morse, who will discuss DEI and organization development, is an experienced Organizational Development consultant with expertise working with higher education and healthcare organizations. Dr. Morse has worked diligently to further advance the knowledge and awareness of DEI practices and methodologies, having been the lead author on the book, Diversity in the Workplace: What Most Organizations get Wrong, and How to Get it Right. She is certified in the Predictive Index suite of assessments and has enjoyed advancing her skillset to include data analytics, people analytics, and using new software to enhance her skills. She enjoys giving back to the doctoral community by working as a Dissertation Chair and Content Expert in her spare time.

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