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What We Do

Our Purpose

AZODN exists to elevate individuals and organizations to their highest potential.

Our Mission

We connect professionals driven to improve organizations by offering transformational OD learning opportunities, resources, networking, and events to support their success.

Our Values


We create opportunities for our community to connect, collaborate, network and belong. We respect the diversity of our members and guests and promote an environment of inclusion, equity and trust.

  • Build powerful, meaningful connections
  • Engage with like-minded professionals who are eager to learn and grow
  • Network with others in your field to hear about job opportunities and local workplace trends


We value the ever-curious spirit of our community and design offerings and opportunities to share based on their interests, needs, or recent experiences.

  • Become part of a network of professional organizational development peers and leaders
  • Cultivate knowledge
  • Contribute expertise, experiences and knowledge through discussion groups and seminars
  • Engage in communities of practice


We empower our community to grow through exposure to new ideas, research, tools, methodologies, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Attend convenient events, designed to ignite and fuel growth
  • Seek and share ideas and knowledge from the community
  • Become a mentor and support growth of others
  • Discover new, innovative tools and tactics that support the organization of the future
  • Take part in special member-only events


Our members serve the community by sharing organizational development knowledge and best practices that enable transformation of the workplace.

  • Give back through AZODN’s CODA Program, which provides consulting services to Greater Phoenix non-profit organizations that enhance organizational performance and service delivery.